Welcome to Ben Beeton’s SciArt of Australia

Interactive Artworks on Australian Environments 2

My art drops a thread through aspects of the ecology, geology and deep time history of natural systems. My process of creating art is a learning experience and I have an active interest in scientific model making. As I travelled across Australia and abroad learning from people about the special natural environments which they have studied and cared for, I envisaged an interactive educational website. As a consequence  I developed SciArt, a website which along with showcasing my art allows access to the stories behind my art. People studying and working to preserve environments have important messages which they want to share with the outside world. Through SciArt I give conservationists, traditional owners and scientists an opportunity to share their knowledge. Teachers have told me that their students find SciArt intriguing and that my website is a wonderful visual literacy tool. I am very glad to see that the methodology which I have developed to create my art can be used as an educational tool. Spending time in the natural environments which are the theme of my work is a critical component of my methodology.