SciArt Projects by Ben Beeton

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Genestreams Songlines Sculptures Process & Background

2022 Ravensthorpe Range Artist Residency

2022 Bonye Bair (Bunya Mountains) Genestreams Songlines Sculpture 

2021 Mount Magnet Genestreams Songlines Sculpture AR & Mural for Astro Rocks Festival Artist Residency

2021 Twin Creeks Genestream Songlines Sculpture

2020 Genestreams in Virtual Reality at the Australian National University

2019 Artist Residency at Quaalup Homestead in the Fitzgerald River National Park

2018 Artist Residency Carnarvon Gorge, Takarakka Resort

2016/17/18 Following the Leeuwin Current

2017/18 Artist Residency Gondwana Link/Vancouver Arts Centre Albany

2017 Artist Residency Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk

2017 Artist Residency Donnelly Lakes

2017 Artist Residency Waterfall Cottages Margaret River

2017 Artist Residency at Lesueur National Park, Nambung National Park

2016 Artist Residencies Hamelin Pool, Shark Bay to Mount Augustus

2016 Artist Residencies at Cape Range National Park, Yardie Homestead and Warroora Station all three are located off Ningaloo Marine Park

2016 Artist Residency at Broome Bird Observatory

2016 Artist Residency at Windjana Gorge National Park

2016 Artist Residency at Uluru

2016 Artist Residency at Rovers Rest Girraween

2015 Artist Residency at Alice Springs Desert Park 

2015 Artist with El Nido Resorts Philippines 

2015 Artist Residency at Brisbane EcoSciences Precinct 

2015 Artist Residency at Naracoorte Caves Fossil Site 

2013 Artist accompanying Expedition Kimberley sponsored by Australian Geographic 

2013 Artist with Kimberley Air Tours 

2013 Artist with Coromandel Adventures New Zealand 

2012 Artist Residency at Driving Creek Railway, New Zealand 

2012 Gene Streams – Humanity over the Fleurieu Peninsula 

2011 Artist Residency Menindee Lakes – artist/film maker with Beckler’s Botanical Bounty 

2010 Artist for the Royal Society of Victoria’s Burke and Wills Environmental Expedition 

2009 Artist Residency with Wrights Air at Lake Eyre 

2009 Artist Residency at Sugarloaf Mountain Retreat 

2008 Artist Residency at Boyce Gardens through the University of Queensland 

2007 Artist Residency at Dunmoochin 

2007 Project Daintree 

2007 Light Waves 

2006 Artist Residency at Bundanon 

2006 Gene Streams – Dendroid Drawings on the Eurorail 

2006 Artist Residency at Hill End 

2006 Artist Residency at Fowlers Gap 

2006 Artist Residency at Broken Hill 

2005 Landscapes Through Deep Time – Crows Nest Falls Through Deep Time 

2004 Landscapes Through Deep Time – Memories of the Eromanga Sea at Lake Mungo 

2004 Gene Streams Poetics – O’Reilly’s Lamington National Park 

2003 Landscapes Through Deep Time – Atmosphere 

2003 Landscapes Through Deep Time – O’Reilly’s Lamington National Park 

2002 Gene Streams Poetics – Life as Liquid 

2001 – 2002 Landscapes Through Deep Time – Binna Burra Lamington National Park 

2001 Ten Billion Years on a Flat Surface – Part 1 – 600 million years to the present 

2000 – 2004 Gene Streams Our Bodies are the Banks of DNA Rivers

2000 – 2001 Marine Impressions – Ammonites, Trilobites and Echinoderms, A Chronology of Appearances 

2000 Common Ancestry of species in Spiral Form based on the Greening of Gondwana

1999 Gene Streams Poetics – Life as Liquid