SciArt for Schools, Uganda, Gender Park International

School: Future Victory School. Location: Kamuli District, Eastern Uganda.

School: Cream Light Junior School. Location: Kampala City, Central Uganda.

Majority of our Trees in Uganda were and are planted by Birds and heartless destroyed by human beings!

The Artists

“In Uganda “if not the world over”, most of the trees are planted either daily, monthly, annually by the flying birds across the Country. This is method may also be considered to be part of natural regeneration. Someone may ask how do the birds do plant the trees? Look! All the trees that bear fruits are enjoyed by birds. When birds fly from one County to another don’t even require production of a National Identity Card like human beings! Now, when it is time for the them to answer their “call of nature” they pass out the seeds which germinate after some rains. The result of it, small and bigger forests are created. Indeed, for the lack of the better statement, birds are one of the greatest Conservationists of our Planet. The in-celebrated partners in reforestation moreover. To the contrary, human beings are the main threats to the trees! Gender Park International, empowers/equips the women and girls of Uganda to challenge plus eradicating the threat above by distributing tree seedlings across the Country. We work with Schools, College and Women groups to deliver the seedlings which are immediately planted. Together, we can change the negative narrative by supporting the women and girls to protect the Planet which has been greatly affected by patriarchal stereotypes. Not only Gender Park International does conserve the planet, but also trains the women and girls in practical skills like hairdressing, art and crafts, dance and music, Sanitary Pads design.e.t.c so as to become experts of their own lives and environment. We welcome friends, partners and educators to cement the sustainability of all projects. Love and Peace” Mariam