Alice Springs Desert Park Genestreams Sculpture

We propose to undertake an artist residency project at the Alice Springs Desert Park in order to create the natural history art for a Genestreams sculpture about the parks flora and fauna as well as using the time to connect with local indigenous artists who could provide the art for the external appearance of the sculpture.

There are two steps in the development of a Genestreams Sculpture

  1. Creating the art for a digital 3d model that will be featured on the Genestreams website and used to attract patrons to construct the sculpture. In this short film you will see an example of the art and the 3d digital model created for the first Genestreams sculpture.
  2. Constructing the Genestreams sculpture. Here are images of the sculpture at Twin Creeks

To undertake the artist residency we would require accommodation. During the residency I would build on the work that I created during my previous residency in 2016.