Queensland Genestreaming Sculpture Trail

A proposal to develop a Genestreaming Sculpture Trail for the Brisbane Olympic Games

Our vision is to develop a range of Genestreaming Sculptures in Queensland over the coming years that will act as a tourism trail ready for the Olympic Games in 2032.

This trail will contribute to our objective of developing a National Tourism Trail of Genestreams Sculptures which focuses on bringing culture and science together through art to promote conservation awareness. To achieve this goal we are looking to work with shires, local organisations and conservation organisations to establish approximately 10 Genestreams sculptures in each state and territory. In 2021 we opened the first Genestreaming sculpture near the Purrungurrop ranges in WA. In October of 2024 we will be launching the first Genestreaming Sculpture tourism trail which comprises 9 locations across south Western Australia. A mixture of physical and augmented reality sculptures make up the trail. In 2022 we opened the first Genestreaming Sculpture in Queensland in the Bunya Mountains. Just as in WA, our objective is that this will stand as the first of a sequence of sculptures that will encourage regional tourism across south eastern Queensland.



Implementation of a Genestreaming Journey Sculpture is a 3 Stage Process.

Stage 2 – Genestreaming Journey Sculptures in Augmented Reality (~$40,000)

The Art of Nature team uses all of the In-Kind field work material developed in Stage one as material to further develop and create an AR Genestreaming Journey Sculpture. Artworks of local indigenous artists are featured on the external “petals” of the sculpture. The base plate is a large phylogenetic tree of 15 selected local species plus the human species. This project includes a dedicated webpage on the Genestreaming platform as seen in this example www.sciart.com.au/2023-alice-springs-genestreams-sculpture-ar/


Stage 3 – Genestreaming Journey Sculptures Physical (~$80,000)

The Art of Nature team uses all material from the Augmented Reality Genestreaming Journey Sculpture as the foundations to develop/construct a Physical Genestreaming Journey Sculpture to be installed at your chosen location.


These films provide an overview of our project

These films provide perspectives on the Genestreams Sculptures from co-founders Aunty Carol Pettersen, Ben Beeton, the head of Gondwana Link Keith Bradby and other core project participants






This link provides the background to the project: Genestreams Sculptures Process & Background



Former Projects

2021 Twin Creeks Genestreams Sculpture

2021 Mount Magnet Genestreams Sculpture AR & Mural for Astro Rocks Festival Artist Residency

2022/23 Kellerberrin Genestreams Sculpture AR

2022 Bonye Bair (Bunya Mountains) Genestreams Sculpture 

2022 Ravensthorpe Range Artist Residency

2022 Wave Rock – The Tsunami of Deep Time