Augmented Reality Genestreams Sculptures

Councils who are contributing $5k for participation in the tourism trail of Genestreams Sculptures will benefit in the following ways.

  • Potential increased tourism from tourists following the sculpture tourism trail.
  • A system via the website link to their communities Augmented Reality Genestreams Sculpture that is activated at a particular set of GPS coordinates.

  • As opposed to an anchored AR object that will not move from the a designated GPS position our approach is different. Visitors, once they have linked to the Augmented Reality Genestreams Sculpture will be able to take the sculpture with them to say, a nearby coffee shop to discuss the sculpture further. Through this process we aim to keep tourists in the town longer. When the users phone goes to sleep the sculpture will disappear and the user will need to return to the designated GPS coordinates at the shires park to reactivate it.
  • The artwork for the sculpture if commissioned outside of this project is valued at $20k. Councils will have access to the artwork file to print it out at large scale dimensions of their choice (one time only) in order to promote their participation in the tourism trail and the Augmented Reality Genestreams Sculpture. – an example may be viewed at the following link
  • If councils choose to pay for a physical sculpture at a future stage they will have access to the art to feature in the sculpture at no extra cost.
  • A SciArt webpage will be created which will feature a range of films about the region, artwork details, base plate research, selected species research, field naturalist studies on the region. This content and webpage development is valued at over $8k – an example may be viewed at the following link


The webpage which features the AR experience for each site will feature a space for sponsorship to assist with ongoing maintenance costs.