Ben Beeton & Mali Moir Artist Residency Proposal

We specialize in creating art based on studies of natural environments. We have a strong interest in artist residency projects where we explore natural systems their conservation values and their deep time origins. Filming is a critical part of the residency project. The work created through the residency project and the associated films that tell the stories of the land will be displayed on the sciart website as well as in course work

The artwork created through the residency project will:

  • Highlight conservation initiatives
  • Explore the deep time connections between species
  • Explore the geological history

The key outcome will be a visual literacy page about the residency project on SciArt that will feature the artwork created with a range of films focusing on conservation stories and the deep time story of the region.

What we require

  • accommodation
  • to accompany any tours that are held during our residency

Below is an account of each artists background

Ben Beeton – Artist Statement / Bio

Ben Beeton – I have completed over 35 artist residency/projects around Australia and abroad looking at the ecology, geology and deep time history of natural systems and promoting ecotourism. Former residencies include Voyages Resorts Uluru, El Nido Resorts, Alice Springs Desert Park, The Valley of the Giants, Broome Bird Observatory, Naracoorte Caves, Brisbane Eco-Sciences Precinct and many others. I am working in partnership with ANU in the development of a range of science communication tools for teaching and public displays focusing on ecological restoration management and deep time awareness. I am working in partnership with Gondwana Link to develop a public art project that highlights ecological and cultural connectivity.

My interactive website SciArt has been used in conjunction with National Parks, ecotourism businesses and schools.

The sciart interactive can be access via any touch screen as a way of learning about natural environments through art.

I have presented many public talks where I discuss the different artist residency projects which I have completed. The talk below was given during National Science Week in Melbourne.

Gondwana in Toowoomba, part of the collection of the Australian National Botanic Gardens
Artist for the Burke and Wills Environmental Expedition lead by historian Dr Johnathan King. Patrons – Culture Victoria, the Royal Society of Victoria, actor Jack Thompson.

Mali Moir – Artist Statement / Bio

Mali Moir began her career as botanical artist at the National Herbarium of Victoria. By working closely with botanists, she has gained an understanding of the importance of scientific accuracy, the fundamentals of precise measurement and thorough depiction of detail. Exhibiting for over 25 years in Australia and internationally Mali has produced many works for private, public and corporate collections.

Mali has a keen interest for artistic interpretation of natural history themes in the Accurate Realism style. She approaches her work with traditional techniques whilst developing a fresh contemporary look. Mali executes works on paper with the consummate skill of a dedicated artist as she combines her fascination for science and nature with an active desire to render works of art with beauty, character and scientific integrity.

Mali Moir artworks

Mali Moir CV –

Becklers Botanical Bounty –

Eternal Order in Nature –

Papua New Guinea –

Wilsons Prom –

Mali Moir & Ben Beeton Collaborations

Mali and Ben have collaborated on a range of projects over the past decade. They are currently developing content for an online course that will guide artists to develop a broader understanding of natural systems through artist residency projects as well as increasing their scientific illustration skills.

Gondwana in Toowoomba, artwork created by Ben Beeton and Dr Gillian Scott turned into a dress by Mali Moir


Films from previous residency projects