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Phylogenetic Tree Research

Phylogenetic Tree Arrangement

concept sketch version 1

concept sketch version 2 Animals – Orange, Plants – Green, Fungi – Purple

Choosing the colors for the Bunyas Sculpture

We need to ensure that we have longevity with a finish similar to the WA project. The WA sculpture used an alchoholic ink which has faded to a point where we needed to re-colour the base plate because of so many visitors.

To overcome this issue I suggest we use Dupli-Color® METALCAST® Anodized Coating color which is a translucent colored clear coat formulated to create a unique, anodized effect when applied over properly prepared chrome or bright metal surfaces in one step.

Metalcast Anodized Coating Bright Metal Coat is a bright silver metallic base coat to be applied over non-chrome or non-bright metal surfaces. The Bright Metal Coat is formulated to provide a proper base coat for the Metalcast Anodized Coating colors to achieve the unique anodized finish. Metalcast Anodized Coating is heat resistant intermittently up to 500°F, resists automotive chemicals and can be used for a variety of interior and exterior applications.

Research on volcanic big picture

The West has the macro story of the cratons which connects many sculptures. The east has the story of connected volcanism. Bunyas is not part of the cosgrove line however it shares the same story of the great southern land drifting north.

concept sketch in process

concept sketch in process