Genestreaming Sculptures Costings

Our project has 2 stages

Stage 1 is an Augmented Reality sculpture that is viewed through a device such as a phone or ipad.

Stage 2 is a physical sculpture, this is optional after Stage 1 is completed.

Note: Stage 1 strengthens applications for funding for stage 2.


Stage 1: Art, Research, webpage and Augmented Reality Genestreaming Sculpture – $Au40,000 2024 estimation

Consultant Team Licensing Fee, Internal Art created for the internal face of the sculpture by field naturalist artists. There are 15 panels of artworks. External Art created for the external face of the sculpture by first nations artists of the region. There are 15 panels of artworks. Phylogenetic tree research of selected species for the baseplate. Online educational content development from supplied fieldwork/ 3d phylogenetic tree and augmented reality creation. Digital preparation of all art for display, gps locating and project management.

Our team provide a file to the client of all the external and internal art in the sculpture presented as one mural which the client may print out for display in their visitors center or another public space in order to promote the Augmented Reality sculpture. Due to copyright reasons the image may not be offered for sale (examples below).

Note: We are in the process of developing the accompanying website with augmented reality hosting capacity. The fees related to maintenance/hosting will come in the form of a monthly subscription. This figure will be nominal but at this stage we cannot provide an exact figure.

Examples of Augmented Reality Sculptures

Examples of all internal and external art as one mural


Stage 2: Approximate construction price of a physical Sculpture = $Au80,000 – 2024 estimation

Note: The creation of the art and research is already completed and paid for in Stage 1.

In other projects we were able to secure sponsorship for the materials which reduced the costs associated with creating a physical sculpture. We recommend and can assist in seeking in-kind support at this stage from steel manufactures and galvanizers which significantly lowers the cost of creating a physical sculpture.

Includes: Digital Printing of Art for Sculpture Aluminum sheeting, with anti-graffiti coating Sculpture Construction/Materials Costs – Steel, Stainless Steel & Laser Etching, Galvanizing, Sculpture delivery Sculpture installation, Information Sign