Genestreams Sculpture Melbourne

Genestreams Sculptures as public artworks are giant phylogenetic trees. The initiative offers a means of presenting a scientific field naturalist art project and an Aboriginal cultural art project which are created independently of each other but are focused on the same region to promote conservation awareness. Our objective is to develop a national tourism trail of Genestreams Sculptures as cultural attractions which serve to broaden an awareness of science-based conservation. This film provides a background to the Genestreams Sculptures initiative and outlines our interest in developing a project in Melbourne with interested parties.

In relation to initiating a potential project at the Royal Botanic Gardens there are many hidden treasures that are held within the RBG which are not easily put on public display. This project can easily place digital images these objects on display within the Augmented Reality Genestreams Sculpture. An Augmented Reality Genestreams Sculpture will contribute to the Botanic Gardens as an essential part of Melbourne’s cultural life. It would fulfill a need for visitors providing vital information on the importance of the Herbarium. It would educate people about scientists and the role of the Herbarium. Visitors may visit the dried collection of the Herbarium within the Augmented Reality Genestreams Sculpture and learn about key species of concern.

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