Genestreams Sculptures Communities and Auspicing Partnerships

This document outlines the responsibilities that the Genestreams Sculptures team requires from communities working with auspicing bodies who are interested in developing the Genestreams sculpture project in their region.

1. Identify a location for the proposed sculpture

2. Contact the appropriate indigenous artists to create the external art for the sculpture (we recommend 3 to 5 artists) (Ben Beeton will project manage the creation of the internal art)

3. Discuss plans for the sculpture with the required authorising organisations

4. Apply for funding for the sculpture or find a financial patron

5. Project manage funding, construction and installation for the sculpture

6. Locate a fabricator for the sculpture

7. Collect the art from the indigenous artists for high resolution scanning, then return it to the artists.

8. Locate a digital signage printer to supply the printing of the artwork for the sculpture

9. Appoint a site project manager to oversee the onsite construction of the sculpture