Bonye Biar (Bunya Mountains) Genestreams Songlines Sculpture

In partnership with the Bunya Peoples Aboriginal Corporation the Genestreams Sculptures team is proud to present the Bonye Biar (Bunya Mountains) Genestreams Songlines Sculpture as a contribution to the Bonye Biar Bush University.

The Genestreams Sculptures team wish to acknowledge Paul Dawson General Manager of the Bunya Peoples Aboriginal corporation, the Bunya Rangers, Jason Lawler site manager/landscaping artist and Darrell Campbell, director of DCC Engineering for their contribution to the project.

Photograph by Steve Parish

Bonye Biar (Bunya Mountains) Genestreams Artworks

Bonye Biar (Bunya Mountains) Genestreams Artwork Contributors

  • Mali Moir – Scientific Illustration, Research
  • Ben Beeton – Sculpture design, Concept development, Genestreams Art Composition, Research, Illustration, Phylogenetic Tree Base Plate design
  • Steve Parish – Wildlife Photography
  • Gary Muir – Phylogenetic Tree Base Plate research and design
  • Margarita Menares – Illustration
  • Sharon O’Phee – Eco Dying
  • Jenny Wilson – Eco Dying
  • Natasha Wills – Leaf foliage arrangement & canopy photography
  • Frank Lee Frivolous – Leaf foliage arrangement & canopy photography
  • Ben Price – Scientific research and conceptual development
  • Peter McQueen – Scientific research and conceptual development

Bonye Biar (Bunya Mountains) Songlines Artworks

Songlines Artwork Contributing Artists

  • Adrian Bauwens
  • Jacinda Ibrahim
  • Niketa Law
  • Stephanie Lingwoodock
  • Tolita Dolzan

About the Genestreams Sculptures initiative: In partnership with traditional owners, local communities and Gondwanalink the Genestreams Sculptures initiative is a nationwide project between Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists, community organizations and conservation groups. The vision of founding elder to the project Aunty Carol Pettersen OAM JP is that the sculptures will form a national tourism trail which will increase an awareness of the importance of ecological restoration, cultural restoration, threatened species, and how, through deep time all species are connected. The concept design was created by Ben Beeton. The sculptures structural design was developed by Mark Hewson of Torbay Glass Studios. Special thank you to Paul Dawson, Jason Lawler, Darrell Campbell and the Bunya Peoples Aboriginal Corporation.

Photograph by Steve Parish

ABC Coverage – Bonye Biar (Bunya Mountains) Bush University –

Genestreams Songlines Sculpture within the Bonye Biar (Bunya Mountains) Bush University, footage provided by Jason Lawler

Overview: “Bonye Biar (Bunya Mountains) is one of the most significant gathering places in Australia, where lore and culture was developed and maintained by Aboriginal peoples from across Southern Queensland and Northern New South Wales. Since time immemorial Bonye Biar has been under Aboriginal management and leadership. Bonye Biar is therefore as much a cultural landscape as it is a natural landscape. The Bonye Biar Bush University proposal seeks to create an ‘In-Country’ learning place, where Aboriginal knowledge and lore can be revived and appropriately shared with all people who visit the region. The ‘Bush University’ concept has been initiated by Noongar people in WA with the Nowanup Bush University ( which has been a huge success. The ‘In-Country’ learning place will be designed and developed in a way that works with the landscape and environment to tell the cultural stories and natural history of the landscape in a creative way that facilitates engagement with community and place. The project will also build upon previous and current investment and value add to the work being undertaken by key partners”. Paul Dawson General Manager Bunya People’s Aboriginal Corporation

Selected Species

  • Spotted-tail Quoll   Dasyurus maculatus maculatus
  • Short-beaked Echidna  Tachyglossus aculeatus  Gihrungu 
  • Carpet Python  Morelia spilota   Gabul
  • Wedge-tailed Eagle  Aquila audax   Ngai’yil 
  • Regent Honeyeater   Anthochaera phrygia
  • Giant Barred Frog   Mixophyes iteratus
  • Blue Tiger Butterfly   Tirumala hamata
  • Rib-fruited Malletwood    Rhodamnia dumicola
  • Giant Stinging Tree   Dendrocnide excelsa    Gympie / Gimbi 
  • Lacebark Tree   Brachychiton  discolor    Gurnal / Wiri
  • Bunya Mountains Bluegrass   Bothriochloa bunyensis
  • Glauca Grass Tree   Xanthorrhoea glauca subsp. glauca    Dhakka
  • Bunya Pine   Araucaria bidwillii    Bonyi
  • Soft Tree Fern   Dicksonia  Antarctica
  • Blotched Butterfly Orchid   Sarcochilus weinthalii

Phylogenetic Tree Base Plate

Research by Gary Muir of WOW Wilderness Tours
Design by Ben Beeton & Gary Muir

Paul Dawson, Jason Lawler and Darrell Campbell

o Unique and iconic Cultural educational tourism development for the Western Downs and Toowoomba regions.
o Learning spaces within the landscape that facilitate this tourism economy.
o Value for money, culturally and environmentally sensitive development.
o Strengthening of partnerships and community collaborations.
o Revitalization of cultural knowledge and practice throughout the region.
o Build on existing projects (ie Fishers Lookout development and BPAC Ranger programs) and value adding to previous and current investment.

Twin Creeks and Mount Magnet Genestreams Sculpture Projects

Frank Lee Frivolous & Sharon O’Phee standing inside the Genestreams Songlines Sculpture, Dancers inside Dakin


Genestreams Artwork Details


Songlines Artworks & Details

Adrian Bauwens

Adrian Bauwens Artworks details

Jacinda Ibrahim

Jacinda Ibrahim Artworks details

Niketa Law

Niketa Law Artworks details

Stephanie Lingwoodock

Stephanie Lingwoodock Artworks details

Tolita Dolzan

Tolita Dolzan Artworks details

Origins of the Bonye Biar (Bunya Mountains) Bush University Initiative

This project is the vision of the Bunya Peoples’ Aboriginal Corporation for a “Learn Space” in the Bunya Mountains. Funding has been secured. Two Genestreams sculptures focusing on the rainforest and the grassland will be built for the project.

Bunya Mountains Location

Bunya Mountains site with Paul Dawson General Manager of the Bunya Peoples’ Aboriginal Corporation, Ben Beeton and Jason Lawler discuss the project.
The above design of the snake forms is by Jason Lawler with Genestreams sculpture input by Ben Beeton. Paul Dawson pointed out that at this site there was an intersection between grass land ecology and rainforest ecology therefore two ecological connections sculptures are featured. Here we can see how the Genestreams design can complement sculptural snake designs specific to the location.
Concept image 2019

Jason Lawler is the owner of Vintage Food Gardens. He has designed and overseen the construction of a range of landscape construction and sculpture projects in the Toowoomba region. Jason is enthusiastic to be involved in constructing the Genestreams sculptures in the east.

Jason Lawler takes Ben Beeton on a tour of his Jarrowair sculpture.

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