Kellerberrin Augmented Reality Genestreams Sculpture

This project was made possible by the Australian Government’s Regional Arts Fund, which supports the arts in regional and remote Australia.

The objective of this project, through consultation with GeoParks WA and local experts was to research and create an Augmented Reality Genestreams Sculpture for the Kellerberrin Shire. The work features the art of local indigenous artists on the outside and on the inside features field naturalist studies on the ecology, geology and deep time history of the region with specific attention paid to the regions endangered and vulnerable species through scientific illustrations. The sculpture functions as a giant phylogenetic tree which recounts the shared ancestry of the selected species through geological time. We envisage that this project will develop to become part of a larger tourism trail”. Ben Beeton

Kellerberrin Genestreams Sculpture

Kellerberrin Genestreams Songlines Augmented Reality Sculpture situated in Centenary Park with contributing artist Reynold McIntosh & family

Westralia Geopark in the Wheatbelt of Western Australia: “The Westralia Geopark in the Wheatbelt of Western Australia focuses on creating awareness of its geology, fauna and flora, and its cultural values for its community and visitors. Importantly, geoparks promote cultural awareness and encourage sustainable business and employment growth through geotourism. In supporting Aboriginal art and culture, the geopark aims to support recognition of the valuable contributions Aboriginal people have engagement with these lands for over 50,000 years and their culture and experience is acknowledged as essential to sustainable living here. Much of their contributions are expressed through artwork. The Westralia Geopark looks to the future of Aboriginal art being made widely available to the local community and visitors alike, enhancing Aboriginal peoples place in today’s society”. Alan Briggs President Geoparks WA

If you are in Kellerberrin’s Centenary Park and would like to view Kellerberrin’s Augmented Reality Genestreams sculpture please use your phone and go to

This mural showcases all of the artwork created for the Kellerberrin project

One of the aims of this project is to promote an awareness of threatened plant and animal species in the wheatbelt that are not as well known to the public. The decline in these species has been brought about by habitat loss. Species cannot exist when isolated from the natural environment which shaped them. Threatened plants for the project were suggested by Steve Hopper. The threatened animals were suggested by Millie Brady Project Delivery Officer – Wheatbelt NRM. The Genestreams Sculptures initiative was made possible through the support of Gondwana Link.

Kellerberrin Genestreams Model featuring the phylogenetic tree of selected species

Kellerberrin Genestreams Sculpture Species List

Selected Animals

  1. – Homo sapien – Humans – Hominidae – Least Concern
  2. Phascogale calura – Red Tailed Phascagale/Kenngoor – Dasyuridae – Threatened
  3. Myrmecobius fasciatus fasciatus – Numbat/Noombat – Myrmecobiidae – Endangered
  4. Bettongia penicillata ogilbyi – Brush Tailed Bettong/Walyu – Potoroidae – Critically Endangered
  5. Falco peregrinus – Peregrine Falcon – Falconidae – Rare
  6. Leipoa ocellate – Malleefowl – Megapodiidae – Vulnerable
  7. Egernia stokesii badia – Western spiny-tailed skink/Gidgee skink – Scincidae – Endangered
  8. Gaius villosus – Armored Trapdoor Spider – Idiopidae – Threatened

Selected Plants

  1. Hakea aculeate – Column hakeaProteaceae – Endangered
  2. Grevillea dryandroides subsp. dryandroides – Proteaceae – Critically Endangered
  3. Banksia cuneata – Matchstick banksia – Proteaceae – Endangered
  4. Acacia subflexuosa subsp. capillata – Hairy-stemmed zig-zag wattle – Fabaceae – Critically Endangered
  5. Jacksonia quairading – Quairading stinkwood – Fabaceae – Endangered
  6. Daviesia cunderdin – Fabaceae – Critically Endangered
  7. Guichenotia seorsiflora – Malvaceae – Critically Endangered
  8. Frankenia parvula – Short-leaved Frankenia – Frankeniaceae – Endangered


Kellerberrin Artworks for the Genestreams Sculpture

External Aboriginal Collaborative Art

Artworks supplied by Reynold McIntosh and Grahame Taylor, digital modifications by Ben Beeton

Internal Field Naturalist Collaborative Art

Artwork by Mali Moir and Ben Beeton, eco-dying by Jenny Wilson

Details of External Artwork

Aboriginal Names

Supplied by Reynald McIntosh

Details of Internal Artwork


Phylogenetic Tree

Research by Gary Muir of Wow Wilderness Eco-Projects – Design by Ben Beeton

Consultation Films

This is a field naturalist artwork informed by the the threatened and endemic, species the ecology, geology and deep time history of the Kellerberrin region. It is approximately 3 meters in height by 4.6 meters in length. It has been designed to be installed in 15 panels within an augmented reality Genestreams sculpture which is a content contributor to a broader project titled the Genestreams Sculptures. A Genestreams Sculpture has been proposed for Kellerberrin.

Suggested animal species by Millie Brady Project Delivery Officer – Sustainable Industries

Scientific nameCommon NameShire 
 Actitis hypoleucosCommon SandpiperQuairading
Aganippe castellum  tree-stem trapdoor spiderMerredin
Bettongia penicillata ogilbyi  woylie, brush-tailed bettongMerredin
Calyptorhynchus baudinii  Carnaby’s cockatooKellerberrin, Merredin, Tammin
Calyptorhynchus sp. ‘white-tailed black cockatoo’  white-tailed black cockatooKellerberrin, Tammin, Merredin
Dasyurus geoffroii  chuditch, western quollMerredin, Quairading
Egernia stokesii badia  western spiny-tailed skinkKellerberrin
Falco peregrinus  Falco peregrinusTammin, Merredin
Idiosoma nigrumshield-backed   trapdoor spiderTammin
Leipoa ocellata    MalleefowlTammin, Kellerberrin, Merredin, Bruce Rock, kellerberrin
Macrotis lagotis  bilby, dalgyte, ninuQuairading , Tammin, Merredin
Notamacropus eugenii derbianus  tammar wallabyBruce rock, Merredin,
Petrogale lateralis lateralis  Black-flanked rock wallabyQuarading, bruce rock, kellerberrin,