Ku-ring-gai GeoRegion Genestreams Sculpture

Our vision for the Ku-ring-gai Genestreams Sculpture

Our vision is to create an Augmented Reality Ku-ring-gai Genestreams sculpture in the GeoRegion which at a later stage could potentially be developed into a physical sculpture.

We are very interested developing a Genestreams Sculpture for the Ku-ring-gai GeoRegion which shares information on the geology and ecology of the region and promotes the art of indigenous artists of the region. Genestreams Sculptures promote the rare and threatened flora and fauna of the region as well at promote the key geosites have been identified across the area and tell the deep time story of the region. Genestreams sculptures are intended to stimulate economic activity and sustainable development through combining geotourism, ecotourism and cultural tourism. Through the participation of many artists and conservationists in its development the Genestreams sculptures focus on community engagement and ownership.



This webpage will provide you with a brief overview of this nation wide project.

A brief background to this project is as follows.

In 2017 when on an artist residency project with the Gondwana Link organisation in Albany I was asked by Aboriginal elder Aunty Carol Pettersen if I could design a public sculpture that would present conservation efforts, Aboriginal art and science. Aunty Carol had a vision for a national tourism trail of sculptures that would promote ecological and cultural restoration efforts in Australia and this is what we are attempting to achieve.

I designed the sculpture in the shape of an Australian flower.

It is actually an evolutionary tree of 16 selected local species including the humans. We featured Aboriginal artists of the region work on the outside of the sculpture and nature journaling/scientific illustration art about the region on the inside. On the base of the sculpture we provided a diagram of when, in deep time the 16 species that the sculpture represents share common ancestry. The sculptures design is based on work that I did at the Australian National University when I was creating virtual reality tools to teach biology, geology and ecology students about the Tree of Life.

The Genestreams sculptures are intended to be inclusive and therefore feature the artworks of many artists in the one public sculpture. Our project is supported by the Gondwana Link organization, its ambassadors include Dr Noal Nannup who created the map of the Songlines of the South West and Professor Steve Hopper who is the former director of the Kew Gardens.

The first sculpture was opened at the Twin Creeks nature reserve in WA.

Last year we worked with the Bunya Peoples Aboriginal corporation to create a Genestreams Songlines Sculpture for the Bunya Mountains.

Along with the physical sculptures we also create interactive Augmented Reality Genestreams sculptures. We are currently developing an Augmented Reality Genestreams sculpture in Alice Springs.

In the south west we have recently received funding to create a tourism trail of 9 locations titled the Genestreams of Gondwanalink sculptures.

We have also received funding to develop software that will generate a discover playground of 16 Augmented Reality Genestreams designs that are featured around a sculpture that visitors to the can engage with.

Augmented Reality Sculpture in Mount Magnet

At Mount Magnet and Kellerberrin we created a Genestreams Mural which featured all of the contributing artwork in the sculpture. At Mount Magnet they placed their mural in the local visitors information center.

The Genestreams Mural has been very successful in promoting the project.

Augmented Reality Genestreams Sculpture in Kellerberrin

Our objective is to develop the National Tourism Trail of Sculptures by 2030.

To achieve this goal we are working with shires, local groups and conservation organisations to establish approximately 10 sculptures in each state and territory. Through participation of communities across Australia our vision is to facilitate new possibilities for community engagement in conservation, education and the arts.


Costing for a Genestreams Sculpture

Note: Formerly stages 1 and 2 were combined. However, recently an elder requested that we display in Augmented Reality what the Genestreams Sculpture would look like on a selected site in order to show local Aboriginal artists the space on the sculpture that is reserved for their artwork. In accord with these wishes we have divided the project into 3 stages.

There are 3 stages to creating a Genestreams Sculpture. Stages (1 & 2) combined can stand alone as an Augmented Reality sculpture. Stage 3 is building the physical sculpture, after stage (1 & 2) are completed. Some communities opt to feature an Augmented Reality sculptures which is stage (1 & 2) of any project. Once stages (1 & 2) are completed some communities opt to move into stage two which is a physical sculpture.

Stage 1: $19,500

$7,500 Internal Art ($500 per panel) Genestreams Sculptures field naturalist artists
$500 Phylogenetic tree research of the selected species for baseplate
$8,000 Online educational content development from fieldwork/ 3d phylogenetic tree & Augmented Reality Genestreams sculpture creation
$3,500 Digital preparation of all art for display, GPS locating and project management

Stage 2: $10,500

$7,500 External Art ($500 per panel) Aboriginal artists of the Region
$3,000 Genestreams Sculptures Consultant Team Licensing Fee

Stage 3: Approximate construction price of a physical Genestreams Sculpture = $70,000 est

Note: The creation of the art and research is covered in stages 1 & 2. In other projects we were able to secure sponsorship for the materials which reduced the costs associated with creating a physical sculpture by over $25,000. We recommend and can assist in seeking in-kind support at this stage from steel manufactures and galvanizers which significantly lowers the cost of creating a physical sculpture.

Stainless steel & laser Etching
Sculpture fabrication
Digital printing of Art for Sculpture aluminum sheeting, with anti-graffiti
Sculpture Construction Costs
Sculpture delivery
Sculpture installation
Information Sign



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