MacDonnell Ranges Geology

The MacDonnell Ranges, or Tjoritja in Arrernte, is a mountain range located in southern Northern Territory. MacDonnell Ranges is also the name given to an interim Australian bioregion broadly encompassing the mountain range, with an area of 3,929,444 hectares (9,709,870 acres). The range is a 644 km (400 mi) long series of mountains in central Australia, consisting of parallel ridges running to the east and west of Alice Springs. The mountain range contains many spectacular gaps and gorges as well as areas of Aboriginal significance. The films below inspired this artwork.

Gosses Bluff

Ben Price on the MacDonnell Ranges

Google Earth 01 the landscape surrounding Alice Springs with Ben Price

Ben Price on the layers of landscape surrounding Alice Springs

Google Earth 02 the Eastern MacDonnell Ranges and Rivers

Google Earth 03 the Western MacDonnell Ranges Standley Chasm and the Hugh River

Google Earth 04 Ellery Creek Big Hole

Google Earth 05 the Western MacDonnel Ranges Glen Helen Gorge Ormiston Gorge Mt Sonder

Google Earth 06 Gosses Bluff

Google Earth 07 The Finke River one of the oldest rivers in the world

Ben Price on the plate tectonic movements that formed central Australia

The story behind the strata of Kata Tjuta

Ben Price on Indigenous Culture and Landscape