Phylogenetic Music Concept

Concept for music for a documentary: Every sculpture generates its own musical score. The phylogenetic tree through the geological time scale is the musical score. The green line moves from left to right. Sounds may be designated for the different periods of geological time. Each time the green line passes over an X (which marks a point of shared ancestry for the selected 16 species) a sound is generated. The sound may be modified. The “music” that is generated through the interpretation of the phylogenetic tree will become the foundations for a piece of music inspired by the sculpture in question. This form of music may be referred to as Phylogenetic.

Phylogenetic music reflects the evolution of LUCA into the 16 present species selected for a Genestreams public art sculpture through deep time. The music, commencing at the center of the model, like an expanding circular ripple passes through the geological time scale with different themes emerging at key points in the growth of the phylogenetic tree. Inspirational vision of a vocal narrative recounting the growth of the phylogenetic tree whose structure informs the music. Each kingdom of life may have a different vocalist which rises through its ancestral vocalist, speciation through vocalization. The age of the vocalist may be determined by the position recounted in time. The voices get younger and more numerous through the duration of the music from 1 to 16, from billions of years ago to the present?

Phylogenetic concept music below composed by Ben Beeton and Tyan Tews.


My band Extinction 6 is a protest band focused on promoting an awareness of environmental threats –

Formerly we created music inspired by films and footage as seen below.

Music Alex Cameron and Ben Beeton of Extinction 6

Music by Ben Beeton

Music by Ben Beeton

Music by Ben Beeton & Kim Dawson, mixed by Paul Dawson, vocals Jason Lawler and Franklee Friverlous

Music by Ben Beeton


Inspirational Sounds