Proposed TRC Cressbrook Dam Pumped Hydro Electricity Scheme (PHES)

– further information on the Proposed TRC Cressbrook Dam Pumped Hydro Electricity Scheme (PHES)

Thank you forwarding and sharing the information on the Pumped Hydro Electricity Scheme at Cressbrook Dam. 

Your concerns and support for reducing tree loss and decarbonisation in the region are vital to us all.  

I have had a conversation with Troy Philpott of BE Power, is proposing to install the Pumped Hydro Electricity Scheme (PHES) at Cressbrook Dam, who has clarified some points:

  • The proposed dam is on private land, not Category B vegetation on council land
  • The footprint of the site will entail clearing as required  for the dam site and access.
  • BE Power will be acquiring offset areas in the region to compensate for areas cleared.
  • The access road will be sealed, with power lines underneath to minimise tree loss
  • Underground tunnels will connect the 2 dams to feed turbines or to fill the upper dam.
  • Pumping will cease when Cressbrook Dam levels are low
  • Evaporation is reduced by filling the deeper top dam and reducing the surface area of the Cressbrook storage
  • PHES improves the efficiency of other renewable electricity generation systems by using surplus solar generated power to p[ump water and the hydro to provide a reserve in times of high demand.
  • Returned water will contribute to the oxygenation of Cressbrook Dam, hopefully to lessen blue-green algae outbreaks

Map of project area:

  •  upper storage on the red shaded area of regrowth (private land),
  • grey shaded area is one lot of TRC reserve land with access road/cable
  • the underground cable is the yellow dotted line that continues under the public road at the edge of the block
  • underground tunnels are the grey solid lines,
  • the road is the solid grey line with red temporary storage areas,
  • beige area at the other end of the cable (private land) has the switching station in the existing easement, as well as the proposed koala coppice and rehab facility.
  • grey dotted Powerlink line

This project provides a carbon free energy source for SE Queensland with environmental impacts minimised as far as possible and with offsets.

Thank you for sharing information the project, in doing so we have raised awareness of the project and gained further understanding of the planning and the strategies to reduce environmental impacts. 

Contact me if you require further information on 0439589034