SciArt for External Appearance of Genestream Sculptures

Hi All

After consideration I would like to exhibit the Genestreams sculptures with double sided artworks. I have checked with the printers and this is not a problem. The inside will be the regional indigenous art. Instead of flat steal on the outside I propose there will be SciArt. I would like to create the external art myself in my style with the scientific illustrations provided by of my long term collaborator Mali Moir. The external art I will create will tell the natural history story of each selected species. Mali and I are prepared to create the artwork for $50 each per panel. In total this is $1500.

Here is an example of the aesthetic that I have in mind for the external appearance.

Here are the dimensions of the entire artwork that I will need to create for each sculpture. You can see each strip that will represent a different species. Each strip will focus on a different species and be printed separately for installation in the sculpture.

Here are examples of Mali’s art

Mali had my artwork made into a dress

Here is a concept double page spread for the book layout that I am developing at present. This concept design came out of a discussion with Mali. I envisage each double page will feature both the external and internal artworks on a specific species in the sculpture with information from different perspectives and the artists profile. I will keep working on the entire book page layout and send an update in the coming weeks. I have other page layout designs on the sculpture in the landscape, team member profile pages etc that I am developing and will share in the coming weeks.