SciArt instructional films on how to create a slide show presentation film

Welcome, on this page I have featured a list of films that I believe will show you in a very clear process how to create a slide show of your artwork with your accompanying voice over that you will send to potential patrons.

Step 1) The first step is to select the images that you will use in your slide show. We recommend that this be a mixture of previous work as well as the work that you create from Mali’s art lessons. As discussed you can create your slides yourself or employ someone to create your slides for you.

Step 2) The second step is to develop your script. Focus on introducing yourself with your identity statement. For example I always begin with the following greeting “Hi my name is Ben Beeton, I create art on the ecology, geology and deep time history of natural systems”. An important tip is that you should have an image of the artwork infront of you when you talk about it also ensure that you leave a reasonable pause between each slide. This helps with lining the slides up with your audio. The pauses can be easily removed later.

Step 3) The third step is to line up your audio recording with your slide show. The instructional films below will provide you with clear directions on how to achieve this. Your other alternative as mentioned is to employ someone. This is a simple job and show be very inexpensive.

This is an instructional film on how to use Premier Pro to create your film

This is an instructional film on how to use Windows Movie Maker to create your film

This is an instructional film on how to use
Power Point to create your film