The destruction of Victorias old growth forests

It cannot be put into words the horror of experiencing clear fell logging, you have to see it to believe it. When I arrived in Warburton it wasn’t selective logging that I saw, rather it was the complete destruction of huge areas of forest areas in which threatened species lived. I met a number of the indigenous people in the region who were horrified at what was happening to country, the company that was responsible was claiming on their website that they were working with the traditional owners but according to the traditional owners nobody was listening. I believe that if the people of Victoria could see for themselves what I saw and talk to the local people and traditional owners who are trying to stop the destruction of the native old growth forest in the region there would be an outcry across the state that would demand that this horrifying process of the large scale environmental destruction of Victoria’s natural heritage cease and the company responsible be held to account.
Ben Beeton