Twin Creeks Genestreams Sculpture

In partnership with Gondwanalink the Genestreams Sculptures initiative is a nationwide project between Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists and conservation groups. The public art project unites traditional knowledge with western science and seeks to bring both indigenous and non indigenous artists from communities together. The vision of founding elder to the project Aunty Carol Pettersen is that the sculptures will form a national tourism trail which will increase an awareness of the importance of the song lines, ecological restoration, cultural restoration, threatened species, art and how, through deep time all species are connected within the Tree of Life. To realize this vision the Genestreams Sculptures team seeks to work with communities across Australia. We welcome participation from all communities across Australia and abroad. Here is a link to the film “A Million Acres A Year” which inspired my interest in doing a project with Gondwana Link –

Twin Creeks Genestreams Artworks

Twin Creeks Genestreams artwork by Mali Moir, Ben Beeton, Jenny Wilson

Twin Creeks Aboriginal Artworks

Artists: Robert Swift, Caroline Narkle, Teresa Ugle, Carol Pettersen, Joey Williams

The first Genestreams Sculpture was installed at Twin Creeks in south-western Australia. Twin Creeks Conservation Reserve is one of the few remaining protected bush properties in this agricultural region and is part of the Oyster Harbour Catchment Group/ Ranges Link Project. The Reserve is a mixture of remnant bush, revegetation and regrowth. Varied soil types across the Reserve result in a diversity of plant communities from the Sheoak groves on granite outcrops to the flooded ironstone heath and to the lateritic Jarrah/Marri uplands. Friends of the Porongurup Range is a volunteer not-for-profit organization which purchased the 511ha farming property in 2003. The public is welcome to visit this unique private reserve which is located on Knights Rd in the vale of Kalgan between the Porongurup and Stirling Ranges.

Installing the Genestreams Sculpture at Twin Creeks

Since 2002 the Gondwana Link program has been supported by global, national and local organisations and a wonderful array of individuals, donors and funders. We are all working together to reconnect natural habitats across 1000 km of south-western Australia – a place of incredible diversity. At the heart of Gondwana Link is a bold but simple plan: protect what bushland remains, restore the critical gaps, and maintain the extraordinary nature of south-western Australia. The name Gondwana represents the ecological distinctive nature of the Southern Hemisphere, the immense biological lineage of southwestern Australia, and our view of people as part of healthy ecosystems.

Keith Bradby of Gondwana Link

Project patrons Nyungar Elder Dr Noel Nannup and Professor Stephen D. Hopper.