UnEarthing Wave Rock

Un-Earthing Wave Rock

The 2.63 Billion Year Origins of Hyden Rock and  its Future in paint

Proposal by Ben Beeton and Heather Duff

In 2016 Ben Beeton and Heather Duff collaborated to create a painting to be displayed at Voyagers Resort. The painting was titled “Un-Earthing Uluru”. The painting told the story of Uluru changing through deep time over its 600 million year history and predicted its future.  The painting is 300 cm by 150 cm.

Uluru UnEarthed

Uluru Unearthed – Painting by Ben Beeton and Heather Duff on display at Voyages Resort Uluru.

Hyden Rock is many times older then Uluru. It is part of the Yilgarn block which has an incredible deep time story that traverses the northern and southern hemisphere. It is a 2.63 billion year-old biotite K-feldspar porphyritic monzogranite inselberg which has been part of at least 3 super continents in the past and will be part of the super continent Amazia in the future. It is expected that in the far future Hyden Rock will have become substantially larger then it is today. The story of Hyden Rock’s journey could be told through a large painting, which, when read from left to right would take the visitor on a journey through deep time and into the future.

Proposal for the Wave Rock Resort Gallery

Ben and Heather propose that a high quality fine art painting be created for the Wave Rock Resort Gallery to provide visitors with a unique experience. The painting will tell the story of the deep time origins and future of Hyden Rock. It will read from left to right and take visitors on a journey through several billion years of deep time. The painting could visualise the shape of the rock which is hidden under the ground. Given that there have been a number of wave formations in the deep time history of the rock and no doubt will be more in the future the Wave Rock shape will be a re-occurring theme that will be a common thread through the painting. As Hyden Rock grows in size more wave forms are revealed.

The 12 meter long painting below is indicative of the scale and colour of the Wave Rock painting. It is not indicative of design.

Wave-Rock-UnEarthed-Concept-four-times-size-of-Uluru small2

The proposed painting will have an online interactive component to it which will be included in the price . The films featured in the interactive will tell the story of the making of the painting, the geological story of Wave Rock as well as informing on the ecology of the region.

Ben Beeton explains how sciart is used to turn artworks into educational interactive.

People could access the educational interactive on their phones or ipads.

Bush Science Concept for painting and interactive

This interactive was created for Alice Springs Desert Park.

Cinema Presentation

In a film for the Hyden Rock painting Ben Beeton will tell the story of Hyden Rock through the painting as well as predicting its future. In the film below Ben Beeton explains the artwork Un-Earthing Uluru.

Ben Beeton and Heather Duff discussing the painting with Uluru gallery director

Un-Earthing Wave Rock

The scale of the work is optional however given that Hyden Rock is at least 4 times older then Uluru we suggest that the painting which tells the story of Hyden Rock should be at least 4 times the length of the Uluru painting at Voyages Resort.

Each Panel; 150cm x 100cm

Pre-primed Ply wood Artist panels (supplied by Wave Rock)

Number of Panels; recommended 12 in total , It depends on the wishes of Wave Rock Resort

Proposed Mediums Required for Panel Production

Supplied by Wave Rock; Acrylic Artist quality paints; Liquid acrylic Glaze ;Spray-varnish; Colour Pencils; lead pencils ;Permanent Markers; Liquid glass; Collage (found objects) Clear glue; Tracing paper

Price per panel plus development for the interactive  ………… $2400.oo

3 x $2400 totals………………………………………..… $7,200.oo

6 x $2400 totals………………………………………..… $14,400.oo

9 x $2400 totals………………………………………..… $21,600.oo

12 x $2400 totals………………………………………..… $28,800.oo

50% share to Artists; Heather Duff and Ben Beeton

During the project the artists will require accommodation, meals and internet access.


Preferred Requirements If Possible.

Access to photocopying facilities.

Access to borrowing a vehicle occasionally

Incremental monthly payments


Approximate Duration of Panel Production;

ONE panel per week (variable due to some panels being more intricate than others)


Duration of 12 panel artwork completion time (close estimate only)

; 12 weeks but allow for 14 ; if planning an opening date.


Artist Statements

Ben Beeton – “Through telling the story of Hyden Rock we could tell the story of the formation of Australia. No one has attempted a painting like this before. I have consulted with a range of scientists about this work and I believe the with Heather we could create an iconic Australian painting about the icon that is Wave Rock”.

Heather Duff – “I can see the combination of Ben and my creativity attaining a magnificent result at Wave Rock, this project could create a unique and dynamic MAJOR ARTWORK and I would love to invest my skill and creativity to it. Hope this covers all elements please let us know if you have any queries. Please look at “Desert Discovery” on YouTube  for Ayers Rock Resort Airport  for a great example of Heathers work ;time-lapse video of the production of a 35mt approx….by 6 mt wall. Cheers Heather”.

IMG_0820 2 small


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