Warrumbungle National Park Seasonal Experiences Project Proposal.

I am proposing an artist residency project at the Warrumbungle national park staying at Strathmore House. The project will consist of a range of short stays over the course of 2 years in order to view the during different seasons. I propose the first short stay will commence on the 28th of December and concluding on the 1st of January. I do not require a wage, however if I and my collaborator artist Alison Mooney could use a space to work at Strathmore House through the project it would be appreciated. The work created through the residency project will be displayed on the sciart website https://sciart.com.au/projects/

The artwork created through the residency project will:

Explore the geological history of the Warrumbungle national park in connection with the rest of Australia’s east coast volcanism. To achieve this goal we will consult with professor Brad Pillans, chair of the Australian National Rock Garden. The project will also explore the deep time connections between species found at the Warrumbungle national park and other species from around Australia.

To conduct the project will will require 2 bedrooms. Alison will have her teenage son accompanying her. We are prepared to pay for his accommodation fee as he will not be contributing to the project.

Here is a former project that I worked on in collaboration with artist Alison Mooney https://sciart.com.au/unearthing-uluru-2016/iwara/

Ben Beeton – Artist Statement / Bio

Ben Beeton – I have completed over 35 artist residency/projects around Australia and abroad looking at the ecology, geology and deep time history of natural systems and promoting ecotourism. Former residencies include Voyages Resorts Uluru, El Nido Resorts, Alice Springs Desert Park, The Valley of the Giants, Broome Bird Observatory, Naracoorte Caves, Brisbane Eco-Sciences Precinct and many others. I am working in partnership with ANU in the development of a range of science communication tools for teaching and public displays focusing on ecological restoration management and deep time awareness.

My interactive website SciArt has been used in conjunction with National Parks, ecotourism businesses and schools.

The sciart interactive can be access via any touch screen as a way of learning about natural environments through art.

I have presented many public talks where I discuss the different artist residency projects which I have completed. The talk below was given during National Science Week in Melbourne.

Gondwana in Toowoomba, part of the collection of the Australian National Botanic Gardens
Artist for the Burke and Wills Environmental Expedition lead by historian Dr Johnathan King. Patrons – Culture Victoria, the Royal Society of Victoria, actor Jack Thompson.